Friday, February 17, 2012

We're Live! Yeahhh!

As of this evening, the Kickstarter page for this project is now up and running!  Yeah!

Any and all support you can give us will be extremely appreciated.  There are some sweet-as-heck rewards involved for those who donate!  Think about it, a copy of this stellar anthology with your name in it, or a sketch.  Or, better still than all of that, a copy of the anthology with your name in it, a sketch AND one of the actual pages that were involved in the making of this.  That's right!  A piece of paper that we spilled blood, sweat and tears onto!  Well...maybe not blood sweat or tears...that's not really hygenic, but none the less, it'll be a page that one of our artists put a lot of time, energy and care into.

Help us to help you.  Give us your support, so we can give you the best comics we can!

Oh, and before you go, you should know one very important thing.  If you're one of the early backers, you could receive a copy of the anthology at a reduced rate.  That means that you could get a copy of this awesome comic collection for less than retail value!  What a steal!  Get on that now before it's too late!

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