Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen! Your Attention Please!

16 artists!  Over many different countries of origin!  A fantastic array of skills and storytelling styles come together for the first time to bring you a thrilling new anthology!

We like to think of ourselves like a Sequential Art Justice League.  By combining our skills, we endeavor to save humanity from bad comics.  We only need you to do one simple thing.

Keep your eye on this page.  

In in the coming weeks, we’ll give you a first hand sneak-peak into our creative process!  You’ll get to meet individual artists from our team, hear them talk about their work and where they come from, and we’ll show you how you can help us to achieve our dream of bringing you wonderful comics!


  1. Thank you kindly Manotaur. We appreciate the support of all our human AND humanoid supporters. We're open-minded like that.