Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Wallpaper and Process Book Sneak Peak!

Hi everyone, this past 26 days has been a really exciting and fun ride for us. We have just officially finished all the artwork for GAME OVER! (99%) Yes we're almost done! In this final 4 days, we will be putting the book together along with the cover, credits, thank you page and artists sketches! ( You get to see more personal stuff from us!) To celebrate this joyous event, we give you a free GAME OVER: INSERT MORE QUARTERS WALLPAPER ! (I know right, we're so nice!!!)

You can download the full resolution wallpaper HERE.
Also, we're almost done with the $75 PROCESS BOOK PLEDGE! Here's a sneak peek at some of the pages. Each of the artist took time off to put up this process page that includes artworks which did not go into the final comic! (Similar to deleted scenes in a film) We also talk about our process and material choices so this is definitely one of the books you shouldn't miss out!

We're down to the last 4 days and very close to the $10,000 goal! If you have a twitter account, facebook, or blog, do spread the word! I'll be doing another update tomorrow and give everyone a breakdown of what's happening ahead, your address and shipping details, international backers information and timeline for book printing! STAY TUNED!!!
- Nicky

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